PTEC as a company who has active offices in all cities as ports , is ready to give D/O services to the respected customers. Delivery Order is the letter that shows cargo’s property and to whom it can be delivered that has to be presented to the Customs by considering all related regulations. Good’s owner or his legal representative that wants to clear the goods from the Custom, has to present a confirmation in which Transportation company as Intermediate party issues permission to the Custom to release cargo to the owner or his representative. D/O is actually a kind of invoice though which Transportation company informs its permission releasing the goods to cargo owner or his legal representative. The mentioned information in D/O like Warehouse Receipt have been taken from Bill of Lading or Manifest.The mentioned information in Delivery Order are as follows : Receiver Details Vessel’s name , B/L No. and date of issuance, Port of Loading, Port of Discharge, Quantity & kind of package, description of goods, Net Weight , Shipping Line or Forwarder’s name, Specifications of Transportation mode, No of Total Commodity. Expressions & Definitions 

- Declaration letter : is a document in which there has been mentioned Cargo Descriptions, Importer, Buyer, Loading specifications & …, also prediction of customs charges’ calculation.

- Voucher : is the necessary receipt by which cargo can be exited from warehouse and also Custom existence gate.

- CIF : is a kind of contract through which all the related charges for carrying the cargo including Freight charges + Insurance charges are payable & on account of Shipper. Clearing Processes of Import Cargos :

 After buying the cargo & receipt of Original documents from the related complex, then

 Representative of clearance section approaches to Airline, Shipping Line or Inland Service company for following up issuance of D/O and Warehouse Receipt for imported cargos. After being delivered of the documents, the secretary of clearance section in Custom would Register all details & specifications of cargo according to B/L in mechanized system.

- In continuing of being cleared the cargo, the commodity would be investigated/controlled from aspect of quantity & weight, order no., receiver. In case of any discrepancy, the documents with one covering letter would be sent to the related complex for amendment and would be re-delivered to Clearance section after necessary corrections.

- In case of no discrepancy, the documents would be submitted to the related rep. man . Then, after applying first process and certifying the payable amount to the Custom, the request for the said amount would be sent to the related complex, after being accomplished the customs charges, cargo would be released.

- In importing the cargo,  7 working days are necessary for releasing the cargo from the Customs and delivering to the customers that all are after being terminated all procedures.

- In exporting the cargo, 10 working days are necessary for releasing the cargo from the Customs after being terminated all procedures.

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