PTEC was established in 1991 along with the developing of petrochemical industry and its goal is to serve inland transportation for National Petrochemical Industries Co. which has started its mission  as of in August 1991.

This company has developed anomalously in recent years and has equipped itself with all the special transportation facilities including those for Dangerous Cargoes to comply with industries increasing requirements and to implement their improvement plans based on its manager's and specialist's   knowledge, skills and experiences, and to expand the area of services all over Petrochemical producers & all upper and lower industries in the country through achieving legal authorities direct from Ministry of Road & Transportation.

Custom Clearance for both imported and exported shipments and Warehousing has been added to the company's services since 2001 to fulfill the lack of integrated logistics for all petrochemical plants and to meet customer needs.

According to national rules and regulation (national act no. 44) this company entered the investment market (bursary) and its shares have been transacted under the name of "HEPERO".

Entering the private enterprise has brought new achievement for the company as beginning its activity in international Transportation section since 2011.

This company has also won the tender for being the operator for Pars Asalooyeh port with the goal of development.

This company, after 2 decades of various activities and gaining experiences and also knowing the market & related industries, based on its researches found out that the key for sustaining in the market and customer satisfaction is to use supply chain management by concentrating on logistic services. Therefore, the name of this company changed and was registered under the name "Petrochemical Transportation Engineering Company (PTEC). 

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