PTEC by participating in the PARS Asalooyeh container operation assignment tender which was held by Terminal & Tanks Petrochemical Co. (TTPC) in 2013 was willing to complete its chain of logistics services and initiate the marine transportation operation and by winning the mentioned trend, all the container operations was assigned to PTEC for 3 years.

TTPC is operating the two main port s of National Petrochemical Company (NPC) in PARS Special Economic Energy Zone, Imam Khomeini port and also Petrochemical Tank site. All the operations regarding Exporting of products and Importing raw materials and storage of both products and raw materials are also done by this company.

NPC used to own 100% of the TTPC which after the tender of Iranian Privatization Organization its shares was divested to a consortium of 6 companies. PTEC with the goal of completing its logistics chain service s and entering the mentioned market participated in the tender as a buyer and succeeded in buying 16% of their share.

PARS Port Complex

1- Introduction

Iran Ministry of Petroleum (IMP) started to design and construct the PARS Port Complex that includes service port, Pars Petrochemical Portland and SPM (Single Point Mooring) which has 25 wharf posts and 2 SPM in order to operate port services for vessels containing project cargoes for refineries and petrochemical plants and other related industries and exported products.

2- Specifications

This port has 10 Wharf posts, 2 east and west Break Water with the length of 2280m and 1002m respectively, a Dock with the area of 96,500 hectares with a 150 hectares Hinterland.

3- capacity

Berthing capacity of 25 vessels simultaneously

Unloading overweighed cargoes (up to 1200 ton) capacity considering that wharf No.1 and No.2 of PARS service port which supplies the shore electricity for operation vessels is caisson wharf.

The ability of exporting different type of products with the capacity of 1 million ton Granulate Sulfur, 3 million TEU container and 6 million ton refinery equipments and 30 million condensate Gases and other petrochemical products yearly.  

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